Our daycare is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am - 6:00pm. Parents must abide by our schedule at all times. Upon entering the building, please accompany your child up the stairs. The parent is responsible upon arrival and departure of the daycare to dress and undress their child. Each child has a locker assigned to them to hold their personal belongings.


Once your child is settled, it is the parent's responsibility to accompany the child to the reception area. When picking up your child, please ensure that Action Daycare is aware of your departure. Please sign appropriate presence sheet. This is an opportune time where concerns and inquiries about your child may be addressed as well.


For exceptional circumstances when you are unable to pick up your child, we kindly ask you to inform the daycare of the person responsible for your child's pick-up that day. An authorization form may be signed in the morning. For security reasons this person may be asked to show a piece of identification. Unauthorized individuals are strictly forbidden to enter the building.

If you would like to enroll your child at Action Daycare, we kindly ask that you come by and request an application form during our operating hours. At this time you may also set up a date & time for a tour of our facilities.


Registration works based...

o    Upon availability, according to age group and registration date.

o    Children who will attend the daycare on a full-time basis (MON-FRI).

o    Children placed on the waiting list, considered according to the date of registration.

Upon registration you will be asked to provide or fill out:

 -Child's Birth Certificate


 -Parent's Birth Certificate


 -An Allergy Form


 -An Authorization Form for Administering Medication


-A Child Release Authorization Form


-An Authorization Form for Outings


Action Daycare is always looking for qualified early childhood educators passionate about their work with something special to bring to our fun and friendly team.


If you are interested in teaching, or if you would like to be notified when a position becomes available, please send your CV to dina@actiondaycare.com