Together let us preserve and defend every child... for if there were no children, we simply would have no world.  -Daniel Cordeau



Our values at Action Daycare

The primary concern of Action Daycare is the well-being of your child. We would like for your child to feel safe, loved, nurtured, and to find confidence within themselves. Every educator is passionate about their profession and appreciates the uniqueness of each child. We value the diversity that each child brings to the classroom. Educators collaborate with each other and strive to achieve the best environment for your child. We respect one another and value each others opinions. Love is constantly present at the daycare. Each child is special.

As educators we also find it imperative that we give the parents opportunities to display their choices. We work in collaboration with parents to generate more options for the children. Working together brings benefits to the child, the parents, as well as the educators. Children whose parents are actively involved with the staff are highly motivated and have a sense of security knowing that their parents trust and believe in their daycare. Action Daycare is always in the process of re-evaluating themselves to improve the quality of the center.

Our educational program focuses on five stages of development, consisting of social and emotional development, cognitive development, language development, and fine and gross motor skills. Each program ensures a complete development of your child.