Meals & snacks

Our daycare offers a nutritious, well-balanced diet. A trained professional ensures that meals are not only delicious, but contain foods from the five food groups to promote healthy minds and bodies. Each meal is prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients. You may refer to the menu on display, and note how the chef pays particular attention to creating healthy and fun meals week after week for your child to enjoy.


**Please notify our staff if your child is prohibited from eating certain foods, e.g. allergies/medical conditions.


**Due to food regulations concerning allergies (nuts, eggs, etc), all food and beverages are prohibited on the premises.


Safety is very important to us therefore fire exercise drills are simulated on a regular basis.


We urge you to use your access card at all times.Please hold your child's hand while going up and down stairs. Kindly inform staff if your child will be picked up by someone other than yourself, and fill out appropriate forms. Fill out appropriate forms in case we need to administer medication to your child. Please make us aware of your departure in the evenings.


Thank you for your comprehension and co-operation.

Educational outings

During the year, Action Daycare may have educational outings. These outings are selected based on their opportunities for hands-on experiences.  

Participation in these activities is not obligatory; parents must give authorization if they wish for their child to attend. You will be notified about these activities in advance.

Action Daycare... a harmonious, loving and secure environment for all our families.